About Combination Boilers and their costs

Combination Boilers save space in the home because they are smaller and because of the way that they function. These systems draw the cold water they need to heat straight from the water main that is supplying water to the residence. There is no hot water holding tank so you eliminate the space it to house one of those tanks.

The water is heated on demand and once again since there will be no hot water storage tank holding a precise amount of water heated to the correct temperature you will not have the inconvenience of running out of heated water at bath time. This makes life much easier on the entire family.

Combination Boiler PricesBecause the combination boiler is in one place it can have a difficult time providing the necessary heated water in homes that have more than one bath available. If you have two or more bathrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry in your home you may require two systems to provide adequate amounts of heated water to all of those locations.

The combination boiler also serves as the central heating system for the home. So the homeowner saves money on heating because they are using the same system to do two jobs and that makes the need for less fuel.

In very large homes these systems can struggle to heat all of the rooms adequately. If you have a really large home with several rooms you will want to speak to an expert about the possibility of your needing another unit or what size unit you would need to get the heat throughout the home.

The combination boilers are less expensive to purchase than the traditional systems and they require a lot less pipe work to install them. These systems are low maintenance and do not need to be drained in the event of freezing weather. You also do not need to drain them when you are going to be away on vacation or if they are placed in a vacation home.

The systems are very susceptible to damage from hard water and you have to be certain that the main water supply into your home provides enough pressure for the system to function properly. You must also remember that when these systems fail you will not have a holding tank of hot water to fall back on. There is not a holding tank so there is no heated water when the system malfunctions.

Combination boilers can be great space saving appliances to use to provide you a comfortable temperature in your home while giving you all of the heated water you need.

It is always best to check with a professional installer when placing one of these systems into your home and you can arrange that from visitng “A guide to replacement and new boiler prices“.

Combination Boiler Prices
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